Mister X - Worst in Ex-Ussr since 2003 12" Vinyl LP

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Interpret: Mister X

Title: Worst in Ex-Ussr since 2003

Label: Audiolith Records / Fire and Flames

Veröffentlichung: 22.02.2022

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Interpret: Mister X
Titel: Worst in Ex-Ussr since 2003
Format: 12" Vinyl LP

A1: Anti
A2: Who were we
A3: Never regret anything
A4: Everything before us
A5: Street Youth
A6: Work! Work!
A7: Who were we (Unplugged)

B1: New Generation
B2: Street Rock'n'Roll
B3: The Street
B4: Oi! Weekend
B5: Life is Life
B6: Street Philosophy
B7: No one like us


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